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Why Cornwall Cottage Barbados was my Best Staycation!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Like many other locals we decided to do a “Staycation” this summer and chose Cornwall Cottage Barbados upon the recommendation of a friend. We spent two and a half weeks there and thoroughly enjoyed every second of our stay!

We could never get tired of the breathtaking views of the East Coast. Whether it was for morning coffee or afternoon tea we quickly claimed our special ‘spots’ on the patio or deck and took it all in.

The cottage itself was spacious. The large kitchen was definitely a plus considering we cooked and baked quite a bit. The chest freezer, washing machine and drying area also came in handy. The bedrooms were very comfortable, and the kids really enjoyed their own space in the downstairs room complete with AC.

The Wifi worked very well without service interruption, whether to log on for a few Skype/Zoom calls or catch up on social media.

The cottage was perfect for entertaining friends/family and we certainly had our fair share of BBQs during our stay.

The spacious grounds gave us a real “country feeling” whilst still being on the Coast. We enjoyed watching the numerous green monkeys playing amongst themselves and also hiking down Joe’s River which we could hear flowing from the grounds following a good heavy downpour of rain. We played several games, but the greatest highlight which we all really enjoyed was sliding down the home-made “water slide” even with the odd aches and pains afterwards!

Over the two and a half weeks we managed to get in plenty of exercise – running along the East Coast walking the beach, hiking along the coast, the old train line and Chalky Mount. We certainly burnt a few calories along the way whilst taking in the beautiful views and scenery from all directions!

Seeing the morning sunrises were definitely worth the 5:00am wake up!

Despite all the activity and sport, we were able to get in some “do nothing” time. Between laying in the pool on the “floaty” sipping cold beer day or night and falling asleep on the deck watching the full moon emerge we were able to disconnect from our usual day-to-day routine (not always so easily done whilst remaining on island for vacation)!

Overall, we had a fantastic two and a half weeks and are looking forward to the next staycation!

Vacation at your own pace!

The Luxury of Nature!

(Guest review of Cornwall Cottage September 2020.)

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