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10 Tips for your Cornwall Cottage Barbados Vacation

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Cornwall Cottage Barbados is a popular choice with many holiday-makers and also, locals looking for a staycation, who want to "vacation at their own pace", in "the luxury of nature". This spacious 3-bedroom 4-bathroom cottage has a large kitchen and an elevated balcony with captivating panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and rugged east coast terrain which is perfect for pure relaxation, romance, even a great party or just simple family fun!

Located in a private gated yard with its own pool, gazebo and a poolside built-in barbecue for outdoor cooking and entertaining, we want to make sure you plan and pack to make the best memories with us. When you choose to “escape from it all” we want to guarantee you success!

There are many reasons people choose Cornwall Cottage for their vacation or staycation. These include: -

- Birthday, Anniversary, etc.

- Wellness Retreat - Rest & Relaxation

- Family Fun

- Girlfriends Getaway

- Boys trip

- Adventure - hiking, biking, surfing...

- Couples Getaway

- Foodie Vacation

- Corporate Function or Retreat

- Wedding and Honeymoon

As a rule of thumb, we like to encourage you to keep your packing to a minimum. This is usually easy to achieve with a little pre-planning. Regardless of the reason for your Cornwall Cottage escape, we would like to give you some insight into the cottage and tips that will hopefully enable you to pack light and right.

1. Food/Meals

a. The first afternoon/evening after you check-in is usually spent getting yourself acquainted, unpacked and settled. A store-bought rotisserie chicken and a side is a quick and easy dinner to get you started. Or if you prefer a quick drive through Chefette, Kentucky or Burger King to grab a meal of your choice on your way down the road.

b. There are many healthy home-cooked frozen meals available for purchase. A few of these always come in useful to keep in the freezer for a quick and easy light lunch or dinner when you are lazing around. Yes, we do have a chest freezer for you to put your large bags of ice, frozen meals, meats, ice-cream etc.

c. If you love to cook, especially while on holiday, this kitchen is built for you with the most enticing views for you to “whistle while you work”. The kitchen is equipped with a large fridge, electric stove and oven, microwave, blender, toaster, kettle and all the necessary utensils, pots and pans, and dishes, etc.

d. Bring some steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs to throw on the grill. Always an easy go-to for a last-minute party. Grilled veggies and breadfruit are also divine. Keeps the mess outside for easy cleanup afterwards. After all, we want you to relax.

e. Snacks, dips and chips, even the old faithful popcorn, and cakes, cupcakes and cookies also come in useful in-between meals, especially with the kiddies.

f. Morning coffee and tea on the balcony watching the sunrise is a must! Pack the coffee, tea, sugar and milk and some easy breakfast supplies. Maybe something extra special for Sunday morning breakfast. Remember to order your organic salt bread in advance from Peg Farm 246-433-9806 for collection on the weekend.

g. Bring some fresh fruit and nuts for healthy munchies on the move.

h. See our suggestions for "Places to Eat" in Cattlewash and Bathsheba. Delicious farm to table local meals from the many community bars and grills. There are also a few restaurants to choose from nearby for that special occasion or two.

i. There is always Belleplaine or Cleaver’s Hill Supermarket for those supplies you might have forgotten.

2. Clothes

a. Swimwear, reef safe sunblock, comfortable resort wear and slippers are the order of the day. Lots of swimsuits, baggies/swim trunks which can be easily hand washed and hung out to dry and worn many times. (Note:- reef safe sunblock brands include Reef Safe, Ocean Potion, Soltan, Clarins and Stream2Sea.

b. Bring those sneakers and socks for the odd hike or two, even if you are not an official “sporty” type. You may be converted, at least for the duration of your stay.

c. Summer months can be warm so light clothing eg. a swimsuit with a wrap or cover-up keeps it simple during the day and baggies and t-shirt for the guys. Light clothing at night in the summer however the winter months can get quite chilly at night.

3. Towels and linens

a. The house provides all the linens and towels. The beach towels can easily be hung out after use and reused a few times unless dirty.

b. There is a washing machine available for your use. You will need to bring your laundry detergent and fabric softener.

c. The housekeeper comes twice a week during a weekly stay to give the house a general clean and change linens and wash any towels as needed. She does not work on weekends.

4. Beach

Just a 2-minute drive down the hill with parking. We recommend low-tide when the rock pools are out since it makes a truly relaxing time with an iced coffee or rum punch in hand. Take lots of beach toys for the kids, a bucket and fishnet, paddle tennis rackets and/or football for the adults along with beach chairs, towels, and maybe a small cooker, well-stocked, if you desire.

5. Poolside

There is a large built-in barbecue which will require lots of coals and maybe lighter fuel to get you started quickly. Nothing beats a moonlight night barbecue or simply a Sunday barbecue poolside lime with rum punch of course and even a game of dominoes on the side.

6. Hiking, Running, Biking, Surfing, Yoga

Pack the shoes, clothing, equipment as desired, and a few creams, ointments, plasters, painkillers, etc for cuts and bruises and sore muscles.

MTB246 Mountain Bike Barbados for fun sporty outdoor activities.

7. Animal lover

We welcome your furry friends; however, Cornwall Cottage is not fully enclosed therefore they can get away. You will know your dogs best and whether they are suited to such an environment. You can also tie them under the garage when they are unsupervised, or you have guests over or guests with small children. They will enjoy the beach and rock pools and large grounds at Cornwall Cottage. Don’t forget the dog bowls, dog food and the leads.

8. Planning a Party?

We have a bar that can be used either on the patio or by the pool. It’s easy to move. Bring a cooler(s) for the ice, beer, wine, champagne etc. There is lots of seating around the patio and pool on the benches and the chairs too for a party of fewer than 50 persons. A small pop up tent comes in useful on the grass next to the pool for a little extra shade.

If you are planning a celebration/party of 50-100 persons, you will need to let us know on booking. Cornwall Cottage Barbados is the perfect house for your private party, where the music will not disturb anyone. Party…on!

9. Planning a Wedding?

We would like to recommend Weddings by Malissa. She has over 15 years experience in wedding planning and specializes in beach and beachfront weddings and can make your special day magical.

10. Sustainable and Eco-Tourism

We promote sustainable tourism and eco-tourism and ask that you make sustainable choices during your stay.

a. Firstly, pack reusable/refillable water bottles however if you must buy bottled water choose Eco Sky Water, distributed in 100% plant-based bottles for the 500ml’s and the 750ml’s and 1 litre come in glass bottles. Also, you can get a customised insulated wine mug from Energetic Artz and sip your coffee, wine or rum punch in style.

b. Collect and sort your plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans used during your stay for recycling afterwards.

c. Only use environmentally friendly party décor, single-use cups, plates and straws.

d. And tread lightly as you enjoy the great outdoors during hiking and biking.

e. Support the surrounding local communities – their craft, trade and culinary delights.

f. See and be knowledgeable in the vision of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project (University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus) to restore local marine turtle populations to levels at which they can fulfil their ecological roles while still providing opportunities for sustainable use by the people of Barbados, and to support similar efforts in other countries of the Caribbean. During turtle nesting season turtles come on to the beach at night to lay eggs. Call the Sea Turtle Hotline at 246-230-0142 and play your part too!

g. While you are on the east you can take a few moments to learn about Walkers Institute for Regenerative Research, Education and Design located at the old Walkers Sand Quarry, in Walkers, St. Andrew. Take a read, give them a call, see if you can pop over and learn what's being done right here in Barbados, and maybe, see how you can get involved.

h. As you sit enjoying the beauty of our ocean and our coastlines, there are many working behind the scenes to protect this delicate ecosystem. CORALL Barbados is an Alliance that was founded on the principles of community engagement and building capacity for the conservation and restoration of coral reefs in Barbados. This means that we can all make a very important contribution to the planet – for now, and in the future. Coral Reefs are the most fragile ecosystems on Earth and one of the most important ones. Learn how you can be instrumental.

Happiness is home-made at Cornwall Cottage Barbados.

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